Using the concept of “ For every place you need to protect”, Nexxis  Systems Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1999 to provide a range of impact protection system that is both anatomic and aesthetically pleasing.

We offer protection to any surfaces such as Wall, Columns, Floors and roofing etc. Most of these items can be specially designed and tailored (such as colouring themes and sizes) to meet customers requirements. The majority of these protective systems are specially imported from European countries and has worldwide recognition for its durability and value.

Our management team has more than 7 years of expertise in impact protection system for commercial, industrial and even residential buildings. With our protective systems, you will reduce the need for maintenance and hence be able to save cost on materials and labour. In addition, you can even use these products to enhance your building aesthetics!

The following range of product from Nexxis Systems Pte Ltd offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your impact protection needs.

KorosealÒ wall protection system

Industrial guards and fenders

Parking & traffic safety products

Recessed floor matting

Polycarbonate solid / multi-wall sheets

Jackob stainless steel tension cables

If you seek to protect, don’t hesitate, call us for free consultations and quotations! 
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